Wavy Bars Chocolate

ark Chocolate Wavy Bar

wavy bars chocolate are unique chocolate flavors comprising of chocolate and mushrooms. This product is similar to the one up mushroom bar but differs in packaging, taste and texture. These wavy bars mushroom has an incredible demand in the USA, Europe and Australia. This demand is as a result of the incredible hallucinogenic effects it has. Wavy bars are mainly for microdosing, making it a lot easier for mushroom lovers to have a sweet trip.

What Does Wavy Bar Chocolate Tastes Like?

Like earlier stated, wavy bars are unique products. Although they are similar to other mushroom chocolate products such as the 1up mushroom bars and wonka bars, they have a completely different taste. Here at wavybars.com, we have wavy chocolate bars of different flavors and each flavor taste slightly different from the other. For example, The vegan flavor is mainly for our customers who are diabetic. The Vegan flavor is sugar free and also has great hallucinogenic effects. Also, the other flavors have sugar and taste more like chocolate but with the ability to take you to other realms. However, it has been brought to our notice that there are fake websites and shops selling fake wavy chocolate bars. It is in our place as the official suppliers of wavy bar chocolate to let you know what wavy bars tastes like. This product has a wave-like structure. It has no gritty taste and taste more like chocolate except for the vegan flavor. At wavybars, we aim to satisfy our customers to the fullest.

Where To Get?

Given the existence of fake websites and shops selling fake wavy bars chocolate, we strongly advice that you get your wavy bars from US, the official suppliers of wavy bars worldwide. Although delivery might take 1 to 5 days depending on your location, we assure you that it is worth the wait.

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